"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (2023)

SUNDAY AM IN WRITINGafter saturday afternoon update: Update for more reviewsAround 10 pm. PST last night, we told you that Illumination/UniversalofSuper Mario Bros he was still doing business. As of this morning, Nintendo's acquisition of game assets has raised not $56 million, but nearly$57 million,so now it's a$146.36 millionMassive average of $33.1k in 3 theater days and a record 5 days of -wow-$204.6 million, by Universal this AM. what a fooltransformers revenge of the fallenThe $200 million Wednesday-Sunday opening ranks second among US/Canada 5-day records.

Among the openings of the Easter weekend,Super Mario Brosranks third behind 2016Batman contra Superman($181 million) and 2015furious 7$161 million. If foreign is still at $173 million tomorrow morning, then the new world record for opening an animated film set bySuper Mario Brosis located in$377.2 million.

Regarding US/Canada admissions,Super Mario Brosaccounts for more than 17 million for the five-day weekend, according to EntTelligence, accounting for more than 74% of the country's total foot traffic. Since Covid, this is the highest number of sponsors sinceSpider-Man: No Way Home.This movie was shown as a movie for everyone, not just a family movie, evident in their presence during all parts of the day. EntTelligence says that 26% ofSuper MarioThe hearing was after 7 pm. m., against 20% before 1 pm. m., 28% between 1 pm. m. and 4 pm, and 26% between 4 pm. m. and 7 p.m.

Exclaims Universal's head of domestic distribution, Jim Orr, this morning: "The incredible partnership of Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto's iconic characters, with Illumination and Chris Meledandri's unparalleled cinematic and storytelling prowess, has led to this fueling moment at the worldwide box office. . Audiences of all ages and backgrounds flocked to theaters to revel in this extraordinary celebration on the big screen.”

Thirty-eight percent ofSuper Mario BrosThe weekend's domestic box office came from Imax, PLF, moving seats and 3D screens. 3D generated 15% of the gross. For Imax,Super Mario Brosit is the biggest opening ever for an animated film, with a global gross of $21.6 million. That number includes a US record $16.6 million per picture in 403 auditoriums.

“2023 has already produced our best opening ever for an animated film, sports film and local language release, demonstrating the strong diversification of our slate and the growing demand for IMAXExperience across all audiences,” said Rich Gelfond, Executive Director from IMAX. "Illumination and Universal have done an excellent job launching this new franchise, building on the enormous momentum we are seeing at the global box office as a very promising blockbuster season approaches."

Super Mario Brosin the US/Canada surpasses the previous opening record set by Disney/Pixarincredibles 2and surpasses Disney's previous world premierefrozen 2.

"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (1)

On a 3-day basis, it's close to a three-way tie for second place among Amazonar ($14.4 millionstarting on Sunday), Paramount/eOne'sDungeons and Dragons: Honra Entre Ladrões($14.5 millionsecond weekend, -61%,$62.2 millioncume) e LionsgateJohn Wick: Chapter 4 ($14.6 millionthird weekend, -48%,$147 millionridge). However, Amazon's first global day and date release ar is definitely hitting$20.2 million, a great start to an adult-oriented dramedy. This provides a lot of hope for other resellers with similar rates. The amount here forarwould make the late MGM/Amazon Distribution Head Erik Lomis shine when defendingargo from a Prime Video premiere to the big screen. Saturday for the Ben Affleck-Matt Damon-Viola Davis-Chris Tucker-Jason Bateman Movie is $5.8M, +16% more than Friday.

“This is the first time a streamer has come forward and released a movie globally. Kudos to Mike Hopkins and Jen Salke for listening to Erik Lomis when he believed in this film and its theatrics,” said Kevin Wilson, MGM/Amazon Film Distribution Executive.

“Congratulations to the marketing and advertising team at Amazon: R-rated adult dramas have not been easy to find and gain an audience.arwith $20 million is quite the feat,” added Wilson.

Damon and Affleck praised the strength of Lomis behind the theatrical release ofarat the film's premiere in Los Angeles:

Matt Damon on the late Erik Lomis, the veteran film distribution executive who worked at MGM among other studios: "I'm grateful he was a part of getting this here, as we'll see tonight"#AIRMovie pic.twitter.com/tBVpkVSwUf

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE)March 28, 2023

Ben Affleck remembers the late Erik Lomis: "Charming, smart, kind, generous..."#AIRMovie pic.twitter.com/lw7OfrVLZ7

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE)March 28, 2023

Despitearcost $90 million before P&A, and Amazon shelled out $125 million to land the Artists Equity/Skydance Sports/Mandalay project, forget the economics of everything (since the tech conglomerate has deep pockets) and let's celebrate the fact that one streamer stood up and fully embraced a theatrical release for a second time, and they made no secret of the gross. Also, you might think Apple's ears are pricked as it adopts a theatrical model for its big movies in the future, with Ridley Scott.Napoleonand Martin ScorseseMoonflower Killers.With over $14 million, it is Amazon's second-biggest debut at the domestic box office, behind MGM/UAR.i believe in 3($58.3 million) in March.

By far the most important factor working in favor ofarIt's your release date. There's nothing really competitive against this older twisted title (49% of 35) in the coming weeks, especially when it comes to R-rated dramas. April is full of genre films and girly titles likebook club 2, love again,yAre you there God? It's me, Marguerite.It's not until you get to Memorial Day weekend that Lionsgate comedy Sebastian Maniscalco,about my father,hits theaters. This lack of competition, in addition toarThe 's output scores, is what might come out in the coming weeks.

Amazon shelled out over $50 million in marketing to open the film and let audiences know they should show up. There were two premieres ofar: SXSW and Los Angeles closing night surprise with stars showing up for all three.

The move from image to theatrical took place in late January, with a marketing campaign starting with a global trailer on February 9, followed by a 60-second custom ad at the Super Bowl on February 12. That trailer was also attached. for all screensAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,than beforeSuper Mario Bros.,it had the biggest opening weekend of 2023 with $106.1 million, or 7 million tickets (per EntTelligence). The trailer also rani believe in 3yJohn Wick: Chapter 4.

Other marketing tricks forarincluded a nationwide shoe cleaning activation across multiple markets, an exclusive partnership with Jason Markk, and a social launch that brought '80s nostalgia to life in a reimagined and authentic way.

AIREpartnered with creators and influencers in the tennis community, uniting behind the film's mantra "A shoe is just a shoe," to bring the legacy of Michael Jordan and Nike to life and build a narrative around the greatness and triumph.

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also feedingarThe profile was 550 global word-of-mouth engagements in the US and 43 international markets between March 20th and April 4th. Participants included sports fans, tennis fans, movie loyalty programs, military/military bases, universities/HBCUs, AARP, and multicultural targets. The program launched with special screenings from tastemakers in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago and London.

In the early hours of this Saturday, the CMO of the 3rd network in the country celebrated the weekend of great box office:

The movie Super Mario Bros.The strong performance with family audiences this weekend is just another example of the continued consumer enthusiasm to see great films on the big screen,” said Wanda Gierhart Fearing, Director of Marketing and Content at Cinemark. “Cinema fans have proven time and again that they want the immersive cinema experience that only theaters can provide, and Cinemark looks forward to welcoming them back as fantastic new films continue to reach our audiences. Congratulations to our partners at Illumination Animation and Universal Pictures for generating so much excitement around such a beloved brand."

Meanwhile, the IFCIntelligent It wasn't a record opening, as industry estimates on Saturday morning predicted, but it did register$ 750 milfor a theater average of $916 from 819 venues.

The graph…

1)Movie Super Mario Bros.(Ill/Uni) 4,343 theaters, Wednesday $31.7 million Thursday $26.5 million Friday $54.8 million Saturday $56.87 million Sunday 3 days$146.36 million,5 dias$204.6 million/week 1

2.)John Wick: Chapter 4(LG) 3,607 (-248) theaters, Friday $4.8 million (-39%), Saturday $5.9 million Sunday $3.8 million 3 days$14.6 million(-48%), total$147 million/Week 3

3.)Dungeons and Dragons(Pair/eOne) 3,856 theaters, Friday $4.85 million (-68%), Saturday $5.8 million Sunday $3.85 million 3 days$14.5 million(-61%), total$62.2 million/Week 2

4.)ar(Amazon) 3,507 theaters, Wednesday $3.2 million Thursday $2.4 million Friday $5 million Saturday $5.8 million Sunday $3.5 million 3 days$14.46 million, 5 dias$20.2 million/week 1

5.)scream vi(Even) 2,286 theaters (-156), Friday $1.2 million (-20%) Saturday $1.37 million Sunday $690,000 3 days$3.31 million(-38%), total$103.8 million/Week 5

6.)your only son(Angel) 1930 theaters, Friday $1 million, Saturday $1.25 million Sunday $1 million 3 days$3.25 million(-41%), total$11 million/Week 2

7.)i believe in 3(MGM) 2002 theaters (-825), Friday $1 million (+112%) Saturday $1.1 million Sunday $681,000 3 days$2.8 million(-44%), total$153.2 million/Week 6

8.)Shazam! Gods Fury(WB) 2,203 (-1,248) theaters, Friday $600K (-50%) Saturday $600K Sunday $400K 3 days$1.6 million(-65%), total$56.6 million/ week 4

9.)Intelligent(IFC) 819 theaters, Friday $293,000, 3 days$ 750 mil/week 1

10.)a thousand and one (Foc) 926 theaters Fri $200,000 Sat $240,000, Sun $160,000 3 days$ 600K(-66%), total$2.9 million/Week 2

SATURDAY AM: Lighting/UniversalMovie Super Mario Bros.is still running for one$195.3 million5-day national opening, which, as we told you, is the second best after 2009transformers revenge of the fallenThe $200 million Wednesday-Saturday run. This is even after a $55M Friday and a projected $137M 3-day day.

Most importantly, however, the film addresses a$368 millionGlobal Start, making Nintendo's production the biggest animated opening of all time, ahead offrozen 2$358 million.Nancy has all the details., as this must-see film is being coined$173 millionout of the country. Globally, it is also the biggest opening for a film based on a video game afterwarcraft$210 million. United States for a video game,Super Mario BrospumpkinsSonic the Hedgehog2 of 3 days of $72.1 million.

more bragging forSuper Mario Bros:

– Largest 3-day global and national opening to date through 2023, surpassingAnt-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania($225.3 million WW, $106.1 million US/Canada).

–Largest national lighting opening, surpassingsecuaces' 3 days of $115.7 million andDespicable Me 25 days of $143 million.

– Second biggest opening for an animated film in the US/Canada afterincredibles 2($182.6 million)

Between our internal circuits ofSuper Mario Bros: Comscore/Screen Engine's PostTrak shows that surveyed audiences also love the film, with 94% approval, 82% recommendation; the picture already earned an A CinemaScore from Wednesday's day one audiences. Children aged 12 and under also loved it, with 94% positive and 64% recommending it. I smell a sequel being announced at CinemaCon, duh.

Viewers were 60% male, with 62% between 18 and 34 years old, and the largest quadruple between 18 and 24 years old with 33%. Diversity demonstrations showed Latino and Hispanic audiences leading at 41%, Caucasian at 30%, Black at 15%, and Asian/Other at 14%.Super Mario Brosconquered everywhere, dominating the east and west coasts, with eight of the top ten coming from California. AMC Burbank is the richest theater in the United States, with a gross of more than $270,000 since the film opened on Wednesday. Imax and PLF are driving 27% ofSuper Mario Bros'ticket sales so far.

"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (3)

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Amazon's first global daily movie, ar, had a $5 million Friday, putting him on track for a$12.7 million3 days fourth,$18.5 million5 days. This is at the top of projections. Amazon should be applauded for backing this twisted adult film with what I hear was at least $50 million worth of marketing in the US. Many expect this new Ben Affleck-Matt Damon team to come out in greater numbers in the spring. Good vibes adult movies (read George Clooney and Julia Roberts).ticket to paradise), have a chance at the box office in the post-Covid era, despite last fall's unconventional adult counterprogramming record.ticket to paradisegrossed $68.2 million in the US, $168.4 million on WW.

arit earned an A CinemaScore on Wednesday, and PostTrak also reflects happy viewers with a 93% positive, 83% recommended. The output of Artists Equity/Skydance Sports/Mandalay was skewed at 57% male with 49% 18-34 and the highest showing was 25-34 with 27%. Diversity displays were 49% Caucasian, 23% Latino and Hispanic, 14% Black, and 14% Asian/Other.aroverrated in the West, but relatively uniform across the US, with major cities leading the way.

"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (4)

IFC Acquisition of Brit McAdams ComedyIntelligent,starring Owen Wilson as a Bob Ross-type TV entertainer, it appears to be setting a distributor opening record with an estimated $826,000 from 819 theaters. If this continues, it could overtake the IFC openingvigilante,which grossed $826,000 as of June 2022. Critics didn't find the film funny on 31% Rotten, and audiences didn't fall out of their seats on 48%. PostTrack viewers thought it was more fun with 83% positive reviews, but only 33% recommended it (that's a big disparity). The film was skewed 67% female, 42% 18-34, with 45-54 actually appearing at 55%. Diversity displays were 50% Caucasian, 25% Black, 17% Asian/Other, and 8% Latino and Hispanic.

All movies look disgusting$195 millionfor the 3-day Easter holiday weekend, which is 63% ahead of the Easter weekend a year ago, when Warners Bros.Fantastic Beasts 3. This weekend is also 64% ahead of the respective weekend a year ago, which is interesting when Paramount had Sega's game.sonic the hedgehog 2.As of Sunday, the 2023 cumulative domestic box office total will be an estimate.$2.3 billion, +33% compared to the same period from January 1st to April 9th ​​of the previous year and +511% compared to the same period in 2021. The theater is recovering its pre-pandemic balance.

1)Movie Super Mario Bros.(Ill/Uni) 4,343 theaters, Wed $31.7 million Thu $26.5 million Friday $55 million 3 days$137 million, 5 dias$195.3 million/week 1

2.)Dungeons and Dragons(Pair/eOne) 3,856 theaters, Friday $4.84 million (-68%), 3 days$13.65 million(-63%), Total $61.4M/Week 2

3.)John Wick: Chapter 4(LG) 3,607 (-248) theaters, Friday $4.8 million (-39%), 3 days$13.6 million(-52%), Total $ 146M/Semana 3

4.)ar(Amazon) 3,507 theaters, Wednesday $3.2 million Thursday $2.4 million Friday $5 million 3 days$12.7 million, 5 days $18.5M/week 1

5.)scream vi(Even) 2,286 theaters (-156), Friday $1.2 million (-20%) 3 days$3.36 million(-37%), Total $103.8M/Week 5

6.)i believe in 3(MGM) 2002 theaters (-825), Friday $1 million (+112%) 3 days$2.99 ​​million(-40%), Total $153.4M/Week 6

7.)your only son(Angel) 1930 theaters, Friday $850,000 (-61%), 3 days$2.4 million(-56%), Total $10.1M/Week 2

8.)Shazam! Gods Fury(WB) 2,203 (-1,248) theaters, Friday $600,000 (-50%), 3 days$1.73 million(-62%), Total $56.7M/ Week 4

9.)Intelligent(IFC) 819 theaters, Friday $293,000, 3 days$ 826.000/week 1

10.)a thousand and one(Foc) 926 rooms Fri $190,000 (-11%), 3 days$ 540 mil(-70%), Total $ 2.9M /Week 2

UPDATED FRIDAY:The movie Super Mario Bros. is cleaning up at the box office, with an expected Friday of $59 million, putting it on track for a three-day opening of $137 million and a five-day opening of $195 million. It's a three and five day record for Illumination, surpassingMinions'US$ 115.7 million in three days andDespicable Me 2five days of $143 million. Among three-day Easter openers, he is third behindbatman contra superman($181 million) andfurious 7($161.2 million).

Among the five-day numbers,Super Mario Brosis second only to 2009transformers revenge of the fallenwhich opened to $200 million.

by amazonaralso looking to reach the top with$18.7 millionfor the five-day holiday regime.

People GO to the movies. They don't just watch movies at home.

More updates as they come.

FRIDAY UPDATE:Lighting/UniversalThe movie Super Mario Bros.Thursday arrived at$26.5 million,above the estimate, for a difference of 16% since the opening day on Wednesday. the two-day summit is$58.2 million. As of this morning, Uni is holding its value of $92 million for three days and $141 million for five days while it waits to evaluate matinees and early evening ticket sales, however, it's clear this film will set a five-day opening record for Illumination. , top ratingDespicable Me 2'$143 million.

it's realcombined worldwide cumulative total is $120.7 million after $27.6 million overseas on Thursday for a two-day international total of $62.5 million.

RelishMix reports that there has been nothing but positive buzz forSuper Mario Broson social media saying, “Tone is full of enthusiasm for the film, as some fans love the casting choices, including Chris Pratt, Seth Rogen, Anya Taylor-Joy and Jack Black. Others are impressed by the detailed references to Mario video games such as Rainbow Road and the Mario and Donkey Kong team, and the thrilling sound effects, actions and animation are giving fans chills, with some commenting that "This is what it's going to bring." people come back to the cinemas' and that 'More adults are looking forward to this one than kids, my childhood is back!'. another conversation comparemarioaThe Incredibles, Minions, Lego Batmanythe secret life of pets.”

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Earlier this week,Super Mario BrosSocial reach totaled 644.1 million across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok on Universal Pictures with 47.4 million, Illumination with 4.1 million and Nintendo with 34.4 million.Super Mario Bros'The social media universe sits 22% above genre norms in rankings for the best family-friendly animated super titles, includingThe Incredibles(667.2 million EMU, 182.7 million USD),Minions: The Origin of Gru(659M SMU, $ 107M) e superiorsonic the hedgehog 2($462.9 million, $72 million).

cast members inSuper Mario Brosare socially active, including Chris 'Pratt Pratt' with 61.2 million fans, Jack Black with 23.8 million, Anya Taylor-Joy with 10.1 million and Keegan-Michael Key with 2.5 million, all receiving attractive material cast specifics.

Taylor-Joy in a Peach-inspired outfit at the world premiere this past Saturday:

And when it comes to cross-branding across the Universal empire to power the film, A+ for the creativity executed by the conglom's sister brands, read the picture's narration cast, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots singing Mario's theme song. :

Truly iconic 💯https://t.co/s41HAJK0lK

— The Super Mario Bros. Movie (@supermariomovie)March 11, 2023

And the outline of the SNL crossover betweenSuper MarioyThe last of usto 12 million views. Seriously, there is no coincidence when it comes to these clever stunts.

Amazon/Artists Equity/Skydance Sports/Mandalay’sarI enter$2.4 millionfor Thursday, -26% from Wednesday. still on the way to$16 million5 days. The expectation is that today it will be US$ 4 million, +65% from Thursday.

"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (5)

THURSDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE:Hearing it's another big day for The movie Super Mario Bros.as the title Illumination/Universal is looking for an estimate$22 million or more, -31%, bringing the two-day total to$53.7 million. Hearing is not just a movie for kids, but playing it for everyone, with adults in costume at Burbank's AMC.

The picture's three-day projection of $92 million and four days of $141 million will hold, as Good Friday is a wild card. While many children are on vacation,Super Mario Broshe has been gone for two days and it is not clear how long he has been. Tents that were opened on Good Friday were not folded in the past, withbatman contra supermanreaching $81.5 million andfurious 7a first day of $67.4 million.

Amazon/Artists Equity/Skydance Sports/Mandalay’sarstill on the way to$2.5 millionthursday and$16 millionfive days in total.

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THURSDAY UPDATE: 'Super Mario Bros' is at $141 million, currently the second best 5-day opening for Illumination, 'Scream VI' tops $100 millionLighting/Nintendo/Universalsuper mario brothers Filmraised more money on your first day in$31.7 millionthan the 1993 live-action film made entirely domestically for $20.9 million (not adjusted for inflation). It's also about $6 million more than what we were looking at on Wednesday. It's safe to say that the latest big-screen treatment of the 38-year-old video game is a hit with audiences, having received an A CinemaScore yesterday; the total of three days seems$92 millionwith a five-day cumulative update from$141 million.

related story

Review of 'The Super Mario Bros. Movie': Chris Pratt Gives An Iconic Player A Charming Caricature For The Big Screen

These numbers can always fluctuate, as is typical when projecting a five-day opening gross.super mario bros inOn Wednesday, it falls behind Illumination.Despicable Me 2which grossed $35 million and reached a five-day total of $143 million.

"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (6)

The day one result, which does not include previews, is even bigger than Paramount/Sega's day one.sonic the hedgehog 2,which coined a combined Thursday/Friday preview of $26.4 million. The question this morning is whether this movie is loaded or not. If we look at the trajectory ofsonic the hedgehog 2,it is quite conceivable thatMovie Super Mario Bros.No upfront charge: If you take Thursday's $5 million previews ofsonic 2On the first day, Friday, it was $21.4 million and on Saturday it burst +25% to $26.8 million. Today, there are 35% K-12 schools on spring break, with another 10% off at colleges. That rises to 80% off K-12 on Good Friday and 31% for colleges on holidays.

The highest-grossing Easter weekend opening belongs to Warner Bros.batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justiceem 2016, which minted a three-day total of $181 million. WhileSuper Mario BrosIt's not expected to go that high, but it will be solid and, at $92 million, will easily top three-day takes of previous Easter family fare like 2018's.player ready one($47 million) and last yearFantastic Beasts: Dumbledore's Secrets($45.8 million).

RELATED:'The Super Mario Bros Movie' grosses $66 million globally on day one international box office

"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (7)

Amazon/Skydance Sports/Artists Equity/Mandalay's arhe entered$3.2 million, with no previews, on Wednesday, and it also scored excellent with its ticket buyers with an A and Comscore/Screen Engine PostTrak of 91%, with a recommendation of 76%. For the kind of uplifting and inspiring dramedy that it is, many in town are rooting for this movie to do well. by itselfarmay come out, gives movie studios hope for the kinds of movies that might work post-pandemic. At the moment, the Ben Affleck-directed movie about Air Jordan sneakers still has five full days of production.$16 million. Pic favored men on day one at 59%, with 41% 18-34 and 33% 45+. The diversity exhibits were 49% Caucasian, 25% Latino/Hispanic, 13% Black, and 13% Asian/Other.

RELATED:'Air' review: Ben Affleck drives an A-list ensemble in a movie about how Air Jordan sneakers came to be

"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (8)

Also on Wednesday, Paramount/eOne'sDungeons and Dragons: Honra Entre Ladrõesit is down 49% (since Tuesday) to an estimated value of $1.9 million and a six-day cumulative value of $45.4 million. lion gateJohn Wick: Chapter 4it is also down 37% from Tuesday to an estimated value of $1.8 million and a running total of $130 million at midweek 2. Paramount / Spyglass Media'sscream viit earned about $459,000 in fifth place, -36% from Tuesday, to break away from the century mark, at $99.9 million. will be the thirdShout outsurpasses $100 million in the US and Canada after the first film in 1996 ($103 million) and the 1997 filmscream 2($101 million).

PREVIOUSLY, Wednesday at noon:Lighting/Nintendo/UniversalThe movie Super Mario Bros.it doesn't need a fungus to grow, it just grows organically. Out of the gate on Wednesday, with no Tuesday previews, the signature adaptation of the classic game is looking$26 million, then translates to a$86.2 milliontotal of three days and$127.5 millionTour from Wednesday to Sunday. Interestingly, although its opening day was on a Friday, Paramount/Sega'ssonic the hedgehog 2it had a first day of $26.3 million a year ago (which included Thursday previews). That film currently holds the three-day opening record for a video game adaptation with $72.1 million, a benchmark.Super Mario Bros.is looking to crush.

If these numbers hold,Super Mario Bros. will represent the second-highest opening in five days (Wednesday-Sunday) for an Illumination title after 2013Despicable Me 2,which earned $143 million.

No critic can shrinkSuper Mario Bros.; the photo's Rotten Tomatoes score is 54% rotten, but it has a 95% audience score. That's already a better diagnosis than the 1993 live-action version directed by the late Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo, which scored 29% on Rotten each among critics and audiences.

"Super Mario Bros" Scores High: Animated Picture Opening Record Over $377M WW, US 5-Day Record Over $204M; 'Air' Hits $20 Million: Sunday Box Office Update (9)

Amazon/Artists Equity/Skydance Sports/Mandalay’s ar, which positions itself for people over 25 years of age, has its eye on a first day of$3.5 million, a cumulative three-day$10.1 million, and five days of$16 million. Directed by and starring Ben Affleck in a new team with him and his companionsgoodwill huntingOscar winner Matt Damon, the photo tells the story of how Nike hired a young Michael Jordan to create the Air Jordan shoe that transformed the company forever. Both critics and audiences are inhalingar, respectively, in 97% of certified fresh and 98%.

Neither Amazon nor Universal made any progress yesterday due to Tuesdays off. Both wanted plain bread today.

How it isDungeons and Dragons: Honra Entre Ladrões waiting? The $150 million Paramount/eOne production has a five-day domestic gross of $43.6 million, after a Monday of $2.7 million (down 69% from Sunday) and a Tuesday fair of $3.6 million (+31%). If all goes well by Weekend 2, it will be down 45% for a profit of around $20 million.

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