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Get lyrics fromPass the song of the rainbow ringYou love. The list containsPass on the lyrics of the rainbow ringof older songs and new releases. Know every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

Over the Rainbow Songtext - Musixmatch
When the whole world is a hopeless mess and the raindrops fall everywhere, a magical path opens in the sky. When all the clouds darken the sky, there's a rainbow highway leading from my window pane to somewhere behind the sun. Just a step behind the rain. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. High up. There's a country I once heard of. ..

John Mellencamp - Chasing Rainbows lyrics and translation of the song.
John Mellencamp "Chasing Rainbows" lyrics A long, long time ago When I was chasing rainbows, I thought there was a pot of gold. When I got to the end, however, there were a lot of people and I said, "What are you doing here?" They said they were looking for the end of the rainbow. At the end of the rainbow, it turned out to be nowhere

Dan Fogelberg – In The Passage Songtext
Tonight there's a ring around the moon and a chill in the air and a fire in the stars that hang - so near; so close. There is a sound in the wind blowing through the wild mountains, like the sighs of a thousand weeping souls; Weeping Souls: There is a moment when the traveler finds that perception has turned its gaze back.

Rush - Something for nothing
You wait for the end of the rainbow to throw its gold your way. In myriad ways you spend your days waiting for someone to call and change your world, searching for an answer to the question you found, searching for an open door that gives you nothing for nothing that you can't have. Free Freedom. You won't get wise if you still have the dream in your eyes

Trisha Yearwood – Under The Rainbow Songtext
Here under the rainbow, people walk past us. We laugh at it like they laugh at you and me. The world keeps turning. Everyone is looking for higher ground. But here under the rainbow, dreams fall from the sky. From heaven. We have an old car with spare parts and a broken radio. So many memories in the back seat that we just can't let go

Lyrics and Translation by Billy Gilman - Sleigh Ride.
Billy Gilman Lyrics "Sleigh Ride" (feat. Charlotte Church) Just hear the sleigh bells ring, also the ring-ring. Come on, it's nice weather. For a sleigh ride with you. The snow is falling outside and the friends are shouting "Yoo." "Hoo", come on, it's good weather for a sleigh ride with you. dizzying, dizzying, dizzying,

The Carpenters - Sleigh Ride lyrics and translation of the song.
The Carpenters Sleigh Ride lyrics Just listen to the sleigh bells ring. Also the ringing-ringing-tingling. Come on, it's nice weather. For a sleigh ride with you. Outside, the snow is falling and the friends are shouting, "Woo-hoo." Come on , It's nice weather. For a sleigh ride with you. Let's take the road ahead and sing a chorus or two

Lyrics and TranslationThe Flower That Shattered The Stone -
The earth is our mother, she circles with her trees in the forest and her roots under the earth. Our Father above us, whose sigh is the wind. Paint us an endless rainbow. As the river flows freely, the mountain rises. Let me touch with my fingers and see with my eyes Pure love still grows in the hearts of children

South Border rainbow letters, 8 meanings. Rainbow explained, officer...
After the rain there's always a rainbow [Bridge:] Life is full of challenges. We don't always get what we want. But don't despair, my love (and I know), you will stand every test and weather the storm 'cause you are strong. My belief in you is clear. So I say again that this world is wonderful

Ring-a-Ring o'Rosies A bag full of Posies "Clap your hands" "Clap your hands" We're all going down! Take my hands and walk around. Touch the hand, touch the hand. We all fall. Again, we spin and turn, clapping, clapping, touching the floor, ringing around the rose, a bag full of bouquets the pink a...

Blue Magic - Chasing Rainbows lyrics and translation of the song.
Oh-oh, I'm just chasing rainbows And I ain't seen no star brighter than your smile. I chase rainbows like a butterfly flying through the sky. The only one for me yes i will run I chase rainbows. Oh, here we go... (I'm chasing rainbows, I'm chasing you) (Like a butterfly) I-I (Crossing the sky) (Whoa-oh, that's me.)

Lyrics and Translation by Lee Kernaghan - Pass The Bottle 'Round.
The memories came alive as the bottle was passed around. Patty stared into the coals and spoke softly of the night the Barwon River broke near Walgett and her kelpie was stranded on the other side. When she tried to reach old Patty, he got swept up in the tide. He walked to the border in a western cattle shed.

Lyrics and TranslationThere's A Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder' -
There's a rainbow around my shoulder and a blue sky above. As the sun shines The world is fine because I'm in love. There's a rainbow around my shoulder and it fits me like a glove. Let it blow, let it storm, I'll be hot because I'm in love. Hallelujah, how will people look when they see the lonely my little sugar baby...

Chris Rainbow – Ring Ring Songtext
Ring ring baby let's pick up the phone I am so far away. And I don't know when I'll be home. Baby don't worry if the tide has to turn before I do 'cause I've got so much of life to see Baby don't worry if it took so long to call I was so long away, down town. Knock knock baby pick up the phone I'm so far away

Lyrics and TranslationTake One Down And Pass It Around –
Lyrics by Lawrence Arms. "Take one and pass it on." A hundred beer bottles on the floor. One hundred bottles of beer. Less than twenty days before drowning in the last five years. A ring sucked from a finger. A desert that sucks dreams. Sand under the grass, under the fountains, under the trees. The fountain only sees half of what you spend...

Lyrics and translation by Frankie Avalon - Swinging On A Rainbow.
You made me swing on a rainbow. To go for a walk in the rain. Playing with the raindrops. I do flip flops. Look what a kiss can do. You made me warm in winter. Cold on a summer day. I never know why hearts are out of season Look what A kiss is enough. I never thought I would fall in love. Loving wasn't for me

RIFF-okay. Who's gonna draw a ring around the moon, who's gonna draw a line from star to star, who's gonna sing a song worth a penny to tell 'em how in love we are? I'll draw a ring around the moon, I'll draw a line from star to star, I'll sing a song worth a dime to tell you how in love we are. Send text correction → 55,000 likes

Rich Homie Quan – Pass Around Songtext
It passed like a joystick. So I played the game. No, Damien Wayne. But when I left, I caused great pain. I flow the same way I came. It passed but I didn't go. Say her name [Hook: x4] She Bad As hell, we went back and forth like a hot potato. Your hoe is passed around. When we're done with that, we'll pass it on. Call them contagious hoes...

Kottonmouth Kings - Pass It Around lyrics and translation of the song.
Keep 'em, keep 'em, let 'em come to the Kottonmouth nation! Pass it on, pass it on I'm a puffin budz, you know I'm totally hooked, reggae rock smokes my own cup. My eyes are red; D-Loc can never have enough. Sometimes I sit and think about how much weed I actually smoke. You know it's good! I'm sitting outside

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