Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (2023)

In the world of baby showers, not many people consciously plan their day around Christ. Since secular showers are the norm, there are plenty of resources online for planning them. Yet planning the shower around Jesus transforms a simple event into an uplifting day that has the potential to make an eternal difference. I hope this article is helpful as you try to make an impact by planning a Christian baby shower!

How to host a Christian baby shower

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Being invited to host a Christian baby shower is a great honor. IM very happy for you! As with any other shower, there are many things to do here. You have to send out invitations, choose a date for the shower and plan all the fun and games.

However, there is another aspect to consider: an eternal aspect. How will you glorify God on this special day?

I can't help you with the crazy logistics, but I can help you with some great ways to get the Lord in the shower through...

  • Pick the perfect theme
  • Find faith centered games
  • Put together the perfect worship playlist
  • Identify the best Scripture that supports your topic
  • Development of an amazing shower devotion

These are all things to consider when hosting a Christian baby shower. These are all wonderful ways to pay tribute to the creator while celebrating one of his most precious creations: a sweet baby!

Christian Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Okay, Miss Hostess... It's time to plan! One of the first steps in planning a Christian baby shower is deciding on the perfect theme. You want to choose something that suits the heart and personality of the mother-to-be.

Here are some faith-based topics to choose from. I've also included a few ideas to help you develop your theme into a full glory God party!

At Bless Our Littles, we love to talk about the things we love and think you might too. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. This means we get a commission when you click on a link and make a purchase. There are no additional costs for you. There are some products we've tried and others not yet, but we think you'll find them useful!


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Thematic writing:

"Because you formed my most intimate being. You wove me into my mother's womb. Psalm 139:13


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (3)

If you're skilled, this is the perfect time to use those skills. GraspIt is a branded setfor only $5.50 on Etsy. The artist uses the perfect colors for a baby shower!


The knitting-themed branding kit for your invitations could also come in handy for decorations! Use it to make decorative banners, placemats, and even centerpieces.


Pick up some beginner embroidery kits to match your knitting theme at Hobby Lobby! Too sweet!

2.lift arrows

Thematic writing:

"As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are the children of youth. Blessed is the man who has his quiver full of it...". Psalm 127:4-5


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (4)

BubamaraDesigns has some amazing onesInvitations with tribal printwhich fit perfectly with the theme "Raising Arrows". For just $12.25, the downloadable set is editable and includes invitations, a raffle card, and thank you cards.


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (5)

This welcome signStrawberryPartyPrintIt's the perfect piece to stage the arrival of guests. Be sure to shop for this adorable teepee table decoration tooTennessee-Tipis.


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (6)

There's nothing cuter than these tribal pattern seed packets fromprefer the universeEach pack contains seeds for planting and has the phrase "A Baby Is Blooming".

3.salt and light

Thematic writing:

“You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt disappears, what will it be salted with? Then it is of no use except to be thrown out and trampled on by people's feet. You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor is a lamp lighted and placed under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and enlighten all who are in the house. Still, may your light shine before me; so that they may see your good works and praise your Father in heaven.” Mating. 5:13-20


Pick up some simple, printable invitations at the craft store. It would be super cute to use a black ink pad and stick a lightbulb and salt stamp on the bottom of the card! Wrap yellow ribbon (or the mom-to-be's favorite color) around the invitation to add a little extra flair.


This item could be made primarily through a thrift store. Gather old candles and salt shakers to create a versatile centerpiece.


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (7)

Those Epsom salt bathsFavors are fully customizable. They would be so cute decorated to match the salt and light theme!


Thematic writing:

“Look at the birds of the air, they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns. Your heavenly Father feeds them. Aren't you much more valuable than them? Matthew 6:26


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (8)

look at thatsweet invitationto match your sparrow theme. These printable invitations are perfect for a little girl's party.


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (9)

It is3D-VogelgirlandeIt's beautiful to hang on the walls. As a centerpiece, you can take rustic bird cages and stack them on top of old books.


Etsy is again to the rescue. Grab a set of these bird seed gifts. Guests can place them in front of their homes and will be reminded of God's faithfulness when the birds come by to eat.

5.Flor Silvestre

Thematic writing:

“Look at the lilies as they grow. They neither work nor spin; but I tell you that not even Solomon was dressed in all his splendor like one of them. But if in this way God clothes the grass of the field, which is today and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, how much more is it for you, you of little faith? Luke 12:27-28


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (10)

these invitationsare titled "A wild flower is about to bloom". What a great resource for incorporating the wildflower theme in a fun way!


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (11)

The main decoration for this theme is wildflowers. Fill vases with different colors and fill the space with nature's gift. ask yourself a"She's a Wild Flower"Banner also to put on the table with gifts or food.


Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (12)

Good friends….those seed bombsIt's officially the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! These little heart-shaped trinkets are filled with different types of seeds and wrapped in a biodegradable material. You plant them in the ground and see what grows months later!

Christian baby shower games and activities

Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (13)

After you've chosen your theme, you can move on to planning your shower games and activities. As you read through these ideas below, think about how to incorporate your theme into the various games and activities!

1.Bible babies

Everyone loves a good trivia game. This quick and fun game contains ten questions about different babies in the Bible. Get ready to test everyone's knowledge of Bible babies!

2.You write the anthem

This game sounds like a lot of fun! Divide your group into 3-4 teams. Each team is assigned a popular Christian nursery rhyme. They take their assigned song and rewrite the lyrics to create the song about the mom-to-be and her cute baby. You name how long it takes the team to create their lyrical masterpiece. Then everyone takes turns singing their songs for the mom-to-be.

[Check out the BEST Christian Songs for Babies]

3.meaningful verse

Instead of a guest book, get the expectant mother a new Bible. Pass out the Bible and have each guest underline their favorite verse to help your soon-to-be friend through the ups and downs of motherhood.

[Need some ideas? Here are my FAVORITE baby shower bible verses]

Christian songs for the baby shower

One aspect of planning a Christian baby shower that often gets overlooked is the music. A solid playlist is sure to create a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Playing worship music in the background also helps guests focus on the Lord throughout the event. It's a win-win situation! I've selected a few different types of songs and given ideas on how to use them.

Lullaby by JJ Heller

The lyrics of this song are short and sweet. JJ Heller writes a beautiful lullaby that any mother-to-be would love to learn. It is a great song to play in the background during a prayer time for the expectant mother and her baby.

"Go to sleep little girl, let it be in peace. May you dream of beautiful things and wake up to find them real, little one. Close your eyes, little one. This is your lullaby. God's love shows in your miracle, little one."

Counting Every Blessing von Rend Collective

Rend Collective does a wonderful job of creating a song that helps listeners focus on the goodness of God. The beat of this song is really fun, so add this song to your iTunes and play it while it's playing to keep it fun!

“I count every blessing, count every blessing. I'm sure you're good to me every season. Oh you're good to me

Build My Life by Matt Redman

This song by Matt Redman is perfect for a short church service or just for funPlay in the background during your Christian baby shower. The lyrics are full of truth and will remind partygoers to build their lives around Christ.

“I will build my life on your love, it is a solid foundation. I will put my trust in you alone and will not be shaken. Holy, there is no one like You, there is no one but You. Open my eyes in wonder.

How to incorporate Bible verses into a baby shower

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Songs are great, but God's Word is even better. His Word gives life to our weary souls and constantly reminds us of God's goodness! Dear friend, there are so many ways to incorporate scripture into a Christian baby shower.

Take a look at these Bible passages below. I have some great ideas on how to incorporate them into the shower through devotions and also through decorations.

*We use the WEB version of the Scriptures, but feel free to use your favorite version.

Salmo 127:1

"If the LORD does not build the house, those who build it work in vain. If Yahweh does not guard the city, the guards guard it in vain.

To use this scripture in a devotional:

This passage speaks of the importance of keeping Christ at the center of the home. Use these verses to create a devotional encouraging the baby shower attendees to build their homes on the truth of the scriptures. Incorporate other passages such as Matthew 7 that teach Christ is a firm foundation.

[Need help writing your devotional... Here's a guide to writing the PERFECT baby shower devotional!]

Using this script for decoration:

This shopThere is a super cute Psalm 127:1 farmhouse frame on Etsy. The style adapts well to almost any party theme. A great idea would be to use the frame as a decoration and give it away as a door prize at the end of the shower!

Salmo 139:13-18

"Because you formed my most intimate being. You wove me into my mother's womb. I will thank you for I am wonderful and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful. My soul knows it very well. My body was not hidden from you when I was created in secret, interwoven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my body. In your book they are all written down, the days that were destined for me when there were none of them. How precious are your thoughts to me, God! How big are their lots! If I counted them, they would outnumber the sand. When I wake up I'm still with you.

To use this scripture in a devotional:

This passage is an amazing scripture that recognizes the creative Lord we serve! Use these verses to create a devotional praising God for His sovereign goodness over every life. Include a special thank you for the new life he created in the expectant mother's womb.

Using this script for decoration:

Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (15)

Every good party needs a sign and useful party favors. Pick some high quality nail polishes and print them outthisSuper cute Psalm 139:14 pendants with little baby footprints.

Proverbs 31:28-30

“Her children stand up and call her blessed. Her husband also praises her: "Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all." Deceptive is charm and beauty is vain; but the woman who fears the Lord, she will be praised.

To use this scripture in a devotional:

This passage could be used to specifically encourage the mother-to-be and other mothers-to-be. It comes from a passage in the Bible that deals with the heart of a true woman of God. Encourage those in the shower to be a God fearing woman first.

Using this script for decoration:

Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (16)

I really can't stand being cutethese notebooksAre! These plain black notebooks feature Proverbs 31:25 in gold lettering on the front. As a party guest, I would be happy about one of these sweet gifts!

Baby shower devotions

Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (17)

Something you don't often see in a Christianbaby showerit is a time of devotion. Why not?! It only makes sense to give the mom-to-be and her guests a special moment of encouragement.

Well dude, if you're like me, maybe public speaking isn't your forte. Fortunately, there are already many great baby shower devotions that you can make yourself and share with others! Check out thesedevotionsYou can then easily adapt them to your chosen theme.

Love God, love your son

Share encouragement straight from God's Word. This devotional is about the importance of loving God first so that we can show His love to our children.


"Hear, O Israel: Yahweh is our God. Yahweh is one. You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength. These words that I am commanding you today will be dear to your heart, 7 and you will be diligent in teaching them to your children. and you shall speak of it when you sit in your house, and when you walk on the road, and when you lie down, and when you get up. You will tie them to your hand as a sign, and they will be frontal. between your eyes you will write them on the posts of your house and on your doors. -Deuteronomy 6:4-9 NIV

perfectly woven by him

This devotional is perfect if you are studying the subject of knitting that we talked about earlier! The Scriptures really speak for themselves about the creative hand of the Lord in the life of a newborn.


"Because you formed my most intimate being. You wove me into my mother's womb. I will thank you for I am wonderful and wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful. My soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:13-14


It was not the author's original intention. However, this devotional perfectly adapts to the rising arrows theme, especially if you receive the aforementioned seed bags as gifts! This devotional is about strengthening the faith of our children so they can grow and faithfully serve the Lord.


“For all things of life and godliness were given unto us by his divine power, through the knowledge of him who called us by his glory and virtue.” 2 Peter 1:3

create your own

The three devotions mentioned above are excellent for short periods of time. If you decide to write your own, here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Pray
  2. Enter the selected passage or topic
  3. Make a floor plan
  4. Be authentic and personal
  5. Don't make word-for-word speeches, share your heart

Check overit is beforePost for more tips on creating your own devotional.

3 tips for organizing a Christian baby shower

We've covered so much that it can be a bit overwhelming. To keep it simple, I have some tips for you when planning a Christian baby shower.

1.plan ahead

Don't wait until the last minute to put your plans into action. Start planning immediately when prompted. Create a calendar of “due dates” to keep things organized.

2.Have fun and have fun

Ultimately, being a Christian baby shower host is about hospitality. Show mercy by letting go of things that may not go as planned. Your goal for the day is to create a fun and uplifting environment for your mom-to-be and her guests. make it fun Make it about Jesus.

3.recruitment assistance

Even if you've been asked to host a Christian baby shower, you don't have to do it alone. Recruit help. Delegate some tasks. Not everything depends on you, sister.

It's time to plan...

If you're still with me, thank you! I know this has been a long post but I hope you find it very helpful in organizing your Christian baby shower.

Now that you have a handful of resources, it's time to plan! Choose your theme, decorations, favors, main and devotional verses and customize it for your sweet mom-to-be and baby now. I pray that planning this day for her will make an lasting difference in her life and the lives of others.

Below is aPinterestphoto friend…. Here's how to fix it on yoursPregnancy chart!!

Hosting the Perfect Christian Baby Shower - The Ultimate Guide (18)

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