Genesis GV60 2022 First Benchmark Test: Alternative to the Model Y? (2023)


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This is Genesis' first dedicated electric vehicle and it paints a clear picture of where the brand is going.

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Genesis GV60 full description


  • fun to drive
  • technological progress
  • Fast loading


  • whimsical style
  • deaf address
  • average range

Genesis will unveil its latest new internal combustion engine by 2025, and the brand expectsSell ​​only electric vehicles by 2030. IsThe Genesis GV60 2022 is the first purely battery electric vehiclefrom the Korean car manufacturer and gives a direct look at the all-electric future. There are many challenges with initial production, but it seems like the GV60 was a no-brainer for the Genesis or the Hyundai Motor Group as a whole. Despite its quirky design, the compact SUV is spacious, supports well-above-average charging speeds and, perhaps most importantly, is fun to drive.

We spent a few days drivingthe performance of the Genesis GV60 2022, which, as the name suggests, puts the emphasis on a dynamic driving experience. And while its performance figures are impressive, the GV60 is also comfortable and quiet, and there's a lot more to offer.

Electrification of the highway

You would expect an SUV with performance in its name to offer just that. The GV60 Performance does. With two electric motors (one front, one rear) producing a combined 429 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, the GV60 is the most powerful Genesis today, and by a wide margin. It gets even more interesting: an electric green button on the steering wheel labeled "Boost" boosts power to 483 for 10 seconds at a time, allowing for sharp nudges that rearrange occupants' organs. There is noticeable wheel slip initially, but once the tires stick, your head will bang against the headrest and voilà.

Slow down and you'll find that the GV60 is supremely comfortable. For a more relaxed pace, try Eco mode, which keeps the cabin quiet and effortlessly switches the steering to a light, sleepy setting; The power output of the engines is linear and smooth. You don't get the same response in Sport mode, which stiffens the dampers and transfers power to the wheels faster.

We would like an improvement in the braking department. The brakes are set to favor regenerative function (where the motors act as generators by slowing the car down) and when the friction brakes take over there doesn't seem to be as much stopping power as we would like given the crowd wish PS. power that the vehicle has. GV60 works with.

Another compromise for all that power? A shorter range. According to the EPA, the GV60 Performance can travel 235 miles per charge, which is below average in this price range. We've seen greater reachThe Hyundai Ioniq 5and Kia EV6, which share the same platform and battery as the GV60 but cost less. Admittedly, none of these electric crossovers pack as much power as the GV60 Performance, but they're still fun to driveare capable of a range of over 300 milesin certain configurations.

The advanced driver assistance safety features of the GV60 work just as well here as they do in the conventionally powered GV70 SUV. These include intelligent stop-and-go cruise control, Highway Assist, Lane Keeping Assist and Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist, among others. While the combination of lane-keeping and adaptive cruise control is nice, it's no Ford BlueCruise or GM SuperCruise. You must continue to keep your hands on the wheel and be alert at all times; Despite this, the GV60 stayed centered in its lane and kept a safe distance from the car in front.

Everything is in the details

It's no surprise that the GV60 benefits from the same attention to detail found on other Genesis vehicles like oursSUV of the year 2022, the GV70. However, with the electric GV60 there is a circular and oval theme that is similar, but not entirely identical, to the schematic used.for the GV70And it's found throughout the interior, from the door panels to the air vents and center console. And although the launches of the GV60 and GV70 were only a few months apart, there's a new switch on the GV60's steering wheel and HVAC controls. The climate control buttons have been replaced by paddle shifters and the buttons for the heated and ventilated seats are now behind the shifter. These changes are welcome. Trust me, I've been driving MotorTrend's long-term GV70 test vehicle every day for months.

There's more futurism throughout the GV60 too, particularly in the face recognition feature that unlocks the car for you; Consider car keys a thing of the past. Once through the gate, the driver can start the GV60 with a fingerprint scan. A console-mounted ball then rotates, releasing the shifter. As well as being a feature sure to impress your friends, the dial is a good indicator of whether the car is on or off, which isn't always clear with quiet EVs. The dial also solves one of the GV70's odder issues: that this SUV's gear knob is a similar size and sits next to the infotainment control knob; This is where the greatest differentiation ensures there are no twisted turns. Another valued feature is the traditional, full-length sunshade for the panoramic roof. Electric cars are increasingly coming out with large tinted glass roofs, but the GV60's car-like hue is welcome.

With two 12.3-inch screens, one for the infotainment system and the other for the instrument cluster, the GV60 has a modern look. The new infotainment system has better graphics and the same user-friendly design, but still lacks wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, a feature that comes standard on cheaper models. While we're fans of the new digital instrument cluster, some of us miss the GV70's 3D graphics, but we were happy with the GV60's animations.

Due to its long wheelbase, there is a lot of space in the interior. Rear-seat occupants don't have to fight for legroom or headroom, even when seated in the middle, as the flat floor ensures a comfortable seating position. One thing we wish for in a mid-cycle update is the ability to fold the rear seats from the cargo area; Currently the only way to fold them down is from the side of the seats.

Should You Buy a Genesis GV60 2022?

As EVs flood the market, it is difficult for consumers to know which EV is best for them. Tesla was the simple answer a few years ago, but today's market is different and virtually every automaker is going electric. The 2022 Genesis GV60 is an excellent first attempt from a company that is still relatively new to the industry, a solid mix of performance and comfort and, like other Genesis models, excellent value for money. Given the $69,560 price tag for the GV60, there's no competitor in this space other than Tesla's Model Y Performance that offers so much performance with so many features and technologies.

It's easy to see! More details?
2023 Genesis GV60 AWD (Performance) Specifications
BASE PRICE68.985 $
DIAGRAM OF THE VEHICLEFront and rear engine, 4 wheel drive, 5 seater, 4 door SUV
ART OF MOTORSPermanent magnet electric
PERFORMANCE (NET SAE)215 PS (Front), 215 PS (Rear); 429 PS* (Comb)
PAR (NETO SAE)258 lb-ft (front), 258 lb-ft (rear), 516 lb-ft (comb)
TARGET WEIGHT (F/R DIST)4,853 pounds (50/50%)
length x width x height177.8 x 77.4 x 62.6 inches
0-60 miles per hour3,6 Sek
QUARTER MILE12.1 seconds to 113.2 miles per hour
BREMSEN, 60-0 MPH127 cakes
MT FIGURE EIGHT26.9 seconds at 0.63 g (average)
*483 hp for 10 seconds in boost mode

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